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Enterprise Peninsula helps small and medium-sized businesses to succeed in the start-up or expansion of their business (ex: breaking into new markets). We ensure that resources are available for new entrepreneurs as well as for those who are already established. For new ideas concerning your business or your community, contact Enterprise Peninsula.


Enterprise Peninsula Services

Enterprise Peninsula offers many programs and services, namely:

  • Help with planning and developing small business;
  • Help in preparing business plans;
  • Information on available financial assistance;
  • Information on markets, transportation, rates of salary and taxes;
  • Information pertaining to expanding export and investment capacity, as well as help in locating appropriate properties for rent or for sale.


About the Enterprise Network

The Enterprise Network was created in an effort to generate prosperity in communities throughout the province thanks to a network of fifteen regional Enterprise agencies. By building stronger communities, the Enterprise Network is helping to build a stronger New Brunswick.

Using the economic development approach, communities hold the economic growth of the region within their reach. This approach offers them true decision-making power and the means needed to build themselves by using their assets and their strengths. It is truly the development of communities based on a partnership with the various levels of government. The goal is to help businesses and community organizations to take their future into their own hands.

Enterprise Network


Major roles

The role of each Enterprise agency is to:

  • Ensure coordination of leadership and partnerships;
  • Help develop strategic plans;
  • Create, implement and supervise integrated regional action plans;
  • Incorporate local, provincial and federal priorities;
  • Offer help and support for business development;
  • Sustain the development of strategic groups;
  • Coordinate measures aimed at developing the labour force;
  • Facilitate management training for small and medium-sized businesses and sustain investment and export development activities.