Top 7 Mascot Cleaning Tips

Part of owning mascot costumes is regular upkeep that includes cleaning. If you fail to clean your custom mascots, they will soon become unsanitary and might shorten their lifespan significantly. Considering that mascot costumes are uniquely made, their cleaning techniques are also exceptional. If you have been wondering how to clean your mascot after use, worry no more, for this article will provide the answer to your queries.

1. Never dry clean

Before anything else, it is important to understand why hand cleaning is the best way of cleaning mascots. Dry cleaning involves the use of intense heat and chemicals which can quickly destroy the costume’s fabric. Once the mascot has been damaged in such a way, the damage is likely to be permanent. As such, it might require expensive repairs. In extreme instances, you may have to purchase another one.

2. Machine washing

If you choose to use a washing machine, separate the costume’s detachable parts such as gloves and jumpsuit, and then wash them separately. Use mild detergent in cold water and a gentle wash cycle. Besides preventing damage, these techniques also prevent discoloration and color bleeding.

3. Cleaning foam parts

Usually, the heads, bodies, and feet of mascot costumes have rigid foam constituents. Any rigid part ought to be hand cleaned using warm water. If you choose to use a brush, make sure its bristles are soft and pliable. If you have a wet-Vac, use it to remove excess water. Also, remember to keep wipes and portable stain removers within reach for use during emergency situations.

4. Drying techniques

Hand drying is the most recommended method of drying a mascot costume. This is because it is a safe and efficient mode that averts damage that is often caused by dryers. It also prevents loss of color and shrinkage. Most mascot materials can rip, melt or get knotted easily in a dryer. However, if you are confident that your mascot is dryer safe, remember to use low or zero heat setting.

5. Brushing

After the costume is dry, brush it to keep the fleece and fur areas at their best. A pet brush is ideal for this task. However, avoid being in a hurry so that you do not destroy the fabric.

6. Disinfecting

Ensure you clean parts which the performer is in direct contact. They include the mouth, feet, hands, and head. Disinfectant wipes and sprays are available in the market. Thus you can purchase these and use them for cleansing these areas. To get rid of the disinfectant’s smell, use rub dryer sheets to the affected regions. For more information, Hogtown Mascots Inc. can provide you with further insights.

7. Storage

After cleaning your costume, drying and disinfecting it, you ought to store it appropriately. Custom mascots are huge investments thus they should not just be shoved in a bin. Keep the shoes with soles down and other parts neatly folded. The storage area should be well ventilated, clean and with moderate temperature.