Top 6 Benefits of Secure Document Destruction

How do you deal with outdated or redundant data? As privacy protection concerns have increased over the last few decades, the demand for shredding and hard drive destruction service has grown as well. But not all people understand the significance of document destruction. Here are a few reasons why you should destroy your documents or use reliable paper shredding services to do it on your behalf.

1. Complies with the Law

The law requires every organization or individual to protect private information that is under their care. If you don’t do this, you could pay hefty fines or serve a prison sentence. Since it’s difficult to protect lots of sensitive information, destroy all the outdated or redundant piece of information as soon as it’s practically possible.

2. Reduces Data Breach Risks

If your documents that contain the private information of your customers or employees end up in recycling or garbage bins before they are properly destroyed, there is a significantly high risk of the data being stolen by criminals and used in illegal acts such as identity theft. Reliable paper shredding services provide a safe chain of custody from securely locked containers at the place of work to safe removal and document destruction.

3. Protects the Environment

Recycling of waste materials helps to save many trees in our forests. Many paper shredding services in Canada actually provide their customers with official documents that show how many trees their document destruction program has saved.

4. Protects Your Business

As disgruntled employees leave your business, you don’t want to see them take your trade secrets to your competitors. You also want to be sure that when you carry out this process within your business premises, there is no chance that your employees will fail to do the work properly. The solution to this can be outsourcing the work to professional paper shredding services.

5. Increases Business Efficiency

Proper hard disk destruction, for example, will most likely create more electronic and physical space. There is no point is keeping lots of hard drives full of sensitive, redundant information yet the business needs space to store more critical data. Destroying the drive properly not only creates such a useful space but also save a lot of money and maximize profitability. The created space can be used for revenue-generating activities.

6. Relieves Employee Burden

If you outsource the document destruction work, you save your employees from a lot of stress. This work requires total dedication from your employees irrespective of their level of qualification. They still need to know the best ways to properly destroy hard drives and other electronic devices. Hiring professional will ensure the destruction work is done properly and the hardware is also recycled properly.

Your business collects and holds a lot of private information almost daily. Consider all these benefits of destructing your sensitive documents and make a point of destroying all outdated and redundant pieces of information that are in your organization to reap the benefits. For a better understanding, Shred-it has many resources available for reference.