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The Acadian Peninsula is located in north-eastern New Brunswick. The region is spread over 2,150 square kilometres and has a population base of approximately 56,180 (Statistics Canada, 2001 Census).

Surrounded by a magnificent natural decor, the Acadian Peninsula is made up of wide open spaces and fresh air, rare commodities in the industrial world we know today. These attributes are the envy of many people, especially those living in large cities.

Thanks to their rich historical and cultural heritage, Acadians are a proud people, confident in their future. Despite the origin of the Acadian people, residents of the Acadian Peninsula are nevertheless open to the rest of the world. Many of them know both of Canada’s official languages as evidenced by the large volume of marine products, peat moss, and manufacturing products that are exported throughout the world. Tourists having visited the Acadian Peninsula can attest to the fact that its inhabitants are open to the world around them and are truly welcoming.


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Choosing the Acadian Peninsula

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Strategic industries
– Advances manufacturing
– Sea products

Strategic industries
– Tourism
– Value added natural resouces

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Economic and Socio-Demographic Profile of the Acadian Peninsula 2005Employers in the Acadian Peninsula (French Link)