How to Facetime for android to iPhone: Tips 2017

Facetime is a software application developed by Apple for video chatting purpose. Facetime application is compatible with iPhone 4 and above, iPad, Mac computer and iPod touch. It is an inbuilt app available with Apple products with one remain in touch with its friends and family whenever they want as soon as they are connected to the internet. This app also supports high definition camera for video calling.

Facetime for Android

Since Apple hasn’t launched any official app of Facetime for Android devices, it is not available on Play Store. However, one can use Facetime app on android using iOS emulator. Steps to download and use the Facetime app on android are as under;

  • For downloading Facetime on Android, first of all you have to download the one of the emulators on your smartphone. Though there are many emulators, IEMU is preferable.
  • After downloading the IEMU, go to developers’ option in the settings of your smartphone and enable USB Debugging mode along with Third Party Installation mode.
  • Then go to the folder destination where the downloaded file is stored and then install the IEMU.
  • After installing the IEMU emulator, restart your smartphone.
  • Then, open the IEMU app. The iOS will start working.
  • Go to App Store to download and install the Facetime app.
  • Once the app gets installed, go to the phone settings and enable Facetime option. You will have to register your Email ID as well as mobile number.
  • To make a Facetime call, you would be required another person’s mobile number or E-mail address.
  • In order to make a call, you would have to the mobile number or E-mail ID of another person and then press audio or video option as per the type of call you want to do.

Facetime for Mac

In order to make audio as well as video call using a mac laptop, one can use Facetime app available by default with the laptop or else one can download it from the App Store. You are supposed to log in using your Apple ID. Steps of using and making calls using Facetime are as under;

  • When you open the Facetime app, you are required to log in using your Apple email address and password.
  • In order to make video or audio calls, you have to select or enter the mobile number, email address or apple id of another person you want to call.
  • Then, click on the phone or video call option.
  • In order to add a name or email address on which you should be contacted, click on the Facetime option on the title bar and select preferences.
  • Then, click on Add Email option. Enter the Email ID in the dialogue box and select the email ID using the checkbox.

Thus, Facetime is a useful application made by Apple for the purpose of making audio and video calls. One can also use Facetime app on its Android phone as well as PC using iOS emulators.