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Help for starting or expanding a business

Located at 439 du Moulin Street in Tracadie-Sheila, Enterprise Peninsula is part of the 1st Entrepreneur Relay. The 1st Entrepreneur Relay includes several organizations devoted to business development such as the CBDC-PA, ACOA and Business New Brunswick.

Enterprise Peninsula’s development officers can guide you through the start-up or the expansion of your business. Their services are offered free of charge and are completely confidential. Come in and seek information on available business assistance programs or simply to get advice in building your business plan or identifying your needs.


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Preliminary business proposal

In order to help you, it is important for us to fully understand your business project and to know its main components. The following questionnaire has been developed in order to place on paper the details of your project. Your development officer will be happy to help you as required.

Preliminary business proposal


Launching a business

Useful links

Business start-up assistant (Canada Business Service Centres)

This site offers you reliable information concerning market studies, commercial names and structure of a business, business plan preparation, financing, taxes, hiring staff, Internet business practices and much more!
Canada – New Brunswick Business Service Centre

Government programs and services for businesses, interactive business plans, advice on starting a business, etc.
Canada Business Service Centre

Interactive business plans, business information guide, help for starting a business, etc.
Online Small Business Workshop

Financing, business plans, market studies, taxes, sales promotion, etc.

Business Plan

ACOA – How to prepare a business plan
Your Guide to Preparing a Business Plan

BDC – Business plans
Business plan model

Interactive business plans (Canada Business Service Centre)
Business plan creation software

Funding Programs

New Brunswick financial assistance programs
Financial assistance for launching or expanding a business, or adapting to industry standards

Financial assistance to small and medium-sized businesses in the Acadian Peninsula