Airtel 3G Secretly Injecting Scripts and IFrames Into User’s Web Browser?

After receiving huge criticism by its Airtel Zero plan, Bharti Airtel, an Indian Multinational Telecommunications services company, is now being accused of secretly injecting Javascript, and iframes into the web browser in order to alter the browsing experience. We are not sure if Airtel is doing it deliberately or it is due to some technical glitch. It might also happen if the user who reported this anomaly was using some kind of proxy while using Airtel 3G and the scripts were inserted as some kind of web optimisations.

He said that the iframe tries to insert a toolbar into the browsing experience and that the parent URL of both the iframe and Javascript belongs to Bharti Airtel Bangalore. He shared the injected script in Github. The script is trying to inject an iframe pointing to this URL “”.

Airtel 3G is injecting javascript into your browsing session

Thejesh GN has revealed that Airtel 3G is injecting script and iframe into web pages, which could intercept into the user’s privacy.

Airtel 3G secretly accessing browser content of its users

GitHub: Airtel 3G is injecting Script and iframe into Browser

This injection of scripts without user consent is a highly unethical thing. According to a GitHub thread, Airtel is also inserting an iframe into the browser forcibly. As reported on the GitHub Thread, the inserted iframe tries to insert a toolbar into the browsing session.

Airtel Secretly Injecting Scripts Into User’s Web Browser

Airtel is trying to inject a kind of under-constructed toolbar on non-https websites. Besides slowing down the loading of web pages, it has access to the clients’ browser and content. Sometimes, the script interferes with the entire structure of the website too, discloses GitHub.

As per the GitHub thread that URL leads to the following web page of Flash Networks, but it gave us a 404 when we tried to open it.


We were certainly not expecting an ISP like Airtel to come to this for collecting user data from the browser. If it is proved that Airtel is doing this purposely then it can soon land up in the court of law as it is breaking the laws of privacy by all means.