6 Trends within Furnished Apartments

When you’re searching for a short term rental to stay in for a business trip or conference, you should be aware of all of the latest trends.
#1: Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is becoming more and more common inside of furnished apartments. This will allow you to get all of the internet that you need without having to go down to an internet cafe. Plus, you don’t have to rely solely on your cellular network. Most rental properties will provide you with the internet access upon your arrival.
Open Floor Plan
#2: Open Floor Plans
Open floor plans give you a lot more square footage than you would have with a hotel room. The spacious floor plan will provide you with a seating area, a dining room, and possibly even an office area. Plus, you will have a fully loaded kitchen so you can do some of your own cooking. It saves money and makes you feel more like you’re at home.
#3: Affordable Rent
If you compare the rent for furnished apartments to hotel rooms by the night, the apartment will almost always win. You’re not paying for a 24-hour front desk, concierge desk, and housekeeping. It’s a way to save money when you’re traveling for business. Plus, you will end up having more room and more amenities, making it a win-win for you to enjoy.
#4: Multi-Room Options
You will find that there are more and more two and three bedroom apartments on the market than ever before. The main benefit to this is that you can have more space. It might be possible to have more than one employee per apartment, which saves the company money. You will each have plenty of room to yourself. You can also close a door and have privacy behind a closed door that is your own individual bedroom.
swimming pool
#5: Access to Building Amenities
In addition to all of the amenities that are available in the apartment, you can gain access to what’s inside the building. Depending on the property, there might be a gym, a business center, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and more. It provides you with more entertainment for the time you are in the rental.
#6: Gourmet Kitchen Space
The rental’s kitchen will have all the appliances you could ask for. Many are providing rice cookers, slow cookers, microwaves, and other tools to help you cook more food. It allows you to eat gourmet without having to dine in a restaurant every night.

Finding the right furnished apartment from Premiere Suites will make it easier for you to endure business trips. It will feel more like a home away from home.