4 Reasons to Choose a Courier Service

Law firms, medical facilities, banks, and many other small businesses have used courier services for decades. Always available, cost effective, and ultra dependable–couriers offer services that even the major shipping companies can’t handle. If you’re still not sold, we’ve detailed 4 Reasons to Choose a Courier Service.

1. Availability

Couriers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This includes holidays, evenings, and weekends–the times that the big shipping companies just don’t operate. Courier drivers work around the clock to ensure that your deliverable makes it to its destination on time and safely anytime.

2. Cost Effective

Has your small business ever tried to send a package or letter overnight or with expedited delivery? The costs tend to add up quickly. These added costs take money away from other areas of your company. Compare the costs of a 100 lb. supply part to another warehouse via one of the major shipping companies. They will charge you for the distance, the space it fills on the truck, and the weight of the actual deliverable. With a courier service, the primary focus of the price is in the distance the courier has to travel.

3. Last Minute

Need to get an important document across town? Call one of the major shipping companies and see how fast they can get it there. Chances are, it won’t be until tomorrow at the earliest. With a courier company, you give them a call and they will pick up your document and drive it directly across town, instantly. It’s hard to beat that kind of service. No messy red tape stopping the courier from on demand service. The dispatcher takes the order and the courier driver hops into the car to pick up. From there, they’re on their way to the destination.

4. Reliability

One of the major concerns people have when it comes to courier companies is reliability. Are they reliable? Will my document, package, or other deliverable get there on time and safely? Courier companies are designed to work for businesses big and small. Reputation and reliability are key factors to a courier companies longevity. This is why they have strict policies regarding who they get to deliver for them. They provide insurance, enforce high standards for courier performance, and drivers must pass a background check. Dispatchers are also scrutinized to be sure they are able to maintain real-time tracking on sensitive deliveries around the clock.

There are many reasons to choose a courier service for your small business shipping solutions. They are quick, reliable, and can even save you time and money. When you require a package, letter, or any other deliverable item to get to a destination expediently, courier services are there. You may consider consulting with Flagship Courier Solutions to learn more.